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Recruitment and selection processes for recruitment of staff:

Recruitment and selection are two phases of the same process: implementation of human resources for the company. Recruitment has the specific objectives provide raw material for selection: the candidates. The specific objective of selection is to choose and rank the most suitable candidates to meet the needs of the organization.

We are a comprehensive company specializing in search processes, recruitment and selection of human resources in El Salvador, meeting the needs of hiring qualified personnel for the business entity. We have the most suitable and trained in order to provide better support for the presentation of your company staff.

Outsourcing El Salvador, in the area of ​​marketing, we campaign promotion progress, tasting and promotion of products or services that give a better brand positioning in the market. We accomplish THROUGH:

Outsourcing of personnel, the new business trend in human resources

Get a sales force trained, encouraged and recognized that in turn is highly productive for your business. We help you develop a marketing and sales plan in which all possible areas of work that will give you greater insight and branding or product mentioned.

Increase your sales, best presentation of your products or services

We have the strategy you need to increase sales, we put at his disposal as driven, tastemakers, Promocionistas, marketers, Displays.

Recruitment, search and preselection of personnel in El Salvador

Let us include in your organization qualified human element that meets the requirements of the function and achieve its objectives efficiently. Our technically advanced and updated recruitment and selection processes ensure obtaining profile that best suits your business needs.

We have the staff for your business Outsourcing

We are a comprehensive company that specialize in: Personnel recruitment, preselection of personnel, human resources for El Salvador, recruitment, outsourcing staffing, outsourcing marketing, instigating, promocionistas, tastemakers, merchandisers, displays, contracted staff in the Salvador, in El Salvador instigating.